Valence Roadmap

The roadmap outlined here is a high level overview of where the project is at and where we're going. Due to the evolving nature of regulation around cryptographic assets, disruption will be constant and this roadmap may be subject to change.



  • Research & Development

    There are many technical verticals which need to be individually investigated before the alpha build can start in earnest. We will be building and refining proof of concepts for the main technical challenges including Valenodes, VApps, Selective Blockchains, Encrypted Communication Protocol and more.

  • Alpha Build

    During the alpha build phase we will begin to tie together the various proof of concepts which were built during the research & development phase and constructing the alpha build of the Valence Platform.

  • Alpha Review & Refinement

    With our corporate partners we will perform a full review of the alpha build and make any adustments necessary when testing the platform against their real world use cases for the Valence Platform.

  • Public Beta

    Once the alpha build has passed review and is stable, we will open a public beta of the platform where users can help to further refine the platform and iron out any bugs which may still be present.

  • Bug Bounties

    During the public beta there will be extensive bug bounties to encourage developers to get involved in testing the platform and kick staring the open source portion of the platforms development.

  • Release Candidate

    At the conclusion of the public beta, the release candidate of the Valence Platform will be available for final review.

  • Tools & Documentation

    Alongside the platform itself there are a range of tools, documentation, examples and content that needs to be created to ensure people are able to use the Valence Platform to its full extent.

  • Public Launch

    At this point v1.0 of the Valence Platform will be released to the public and the token distribution event will occur to all seed funders, beta testers and airdrop participants.

In Progress

  • User Experience Demo

    It can be hard to visualise how easy the platform will be to use just from reading the white paper. We are putting together a visual user experience demo to walk people through the VApp creation and management process.

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Valence is designed to help bridge the gap between existing corporates and the new frontier of decentralised applications. We are working towards securing key strategic partnerships for the alpha build of the Valence platform which will help guide the platform’s direction towards providing real world value for businesses.

  • Research & Development Grant

    We are in the progress of securing a research and development grant from the Callaghan Institute to co-fund the first phase of the Valence Platform.

  • Seed Funding

    Building Valence is no small task. We will require seed funding to see the project through its various phases. We are in the process of reaching out to investor networks and venture capitalists in the blockchain space to secure funding.


  • Pitch Deck

    Private investment will be required to perform the research and development necessary to launch the platform. The pitch deck will help to explain the platform and proposal to potential seed funders.

  • Brand Guidelines

    Having strong and clear brand guidelines is important, especially for a decentralised open source project. We are putting together concise brand guidelines to help people get involved in promoting Valence and designing Valence Applications.

  • Article Series

    Valence is a new approach to applications on the blockchain. To help people understand what we’re trying to achieve we will publish a three part article series on how the platform can benefit businesses, developers and users.

  • White Paper

    The Valence Technical White Paper describes the platform at a high level. More detailed white papers about each technical solution will be published as the necessary research has been completed.


Learn More

If  you're  new to the  Valence Platform,  make sure you check  out the article series we've published to the news section, check out the project roadmap and read the white paper to familiarise yourself with what it's all about.

If you want to get involved with this project or just drop in and see what's going on, you can join the discussions on our social channels.

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