Valence White Paper – Making Data Smarter

The first version of the white paper for Valence Blockchain Applications is now ready to view. Valence is proposed by Craig MacGregor and Alex Vazquez, contributors to NavCoin Core and the NavTech private payment platform. This is a working document and further technical specifications will be published over the coming months as prototyping the platform gets underway.

Valence provides a spectrum of blockchain application solutions offering businesses simple ways to dip their toes into blockchain with minimal risk or complexity. Valence is built from the ground up on ‘selective blockchain architecture’ to be powerful, scalable, and efficient.

Valence’s essence is simplification. Valence makes it easier for business to identify use-cases, decomplexifies the development of new applications, and makes the blockchain significantly easier for end-users. What’s more it will be open source, so anyone can build on top of it and enjoy the same benefits.

Version 1.0 of the white paper focuses on the technical aspects of Valence. It will be followed by a series of higher level articles explaining of this exciting leap in blockchain technology in everyday terms.

Later in 2018 Encrypt S will release other Valence papers covering the overall strategy for the development of the Valence project, its benefits for business, more technical specs, and details of tokens and fees etc.

There’s a lot more coming down the line from the Valence team and Encrypt S, so make sure to keep up on with everything that’s happening on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Valence White Paper v1.0 Download »