Simplifying Blockchain Applications


Valence is a platform that gives developers a new set of tools - helping you achieve more.

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Meet The Core Team

The Valence team is passionate about blockchain technology and the potential it has for positive social change.


Craig MacGregor

Craig is the CEO of Encrypt S and an experienced software engineer who's been contributing to blockchain projects since 2014.

Alex Vazquez

Alex is an experienced blockchain developer who has been involved in the industry since 2012 contributing actively to blockchain projects.

Paul Sanderson

Paul is a full stack developer who's experienced in building experimental technologies for some of the worlds most recognisable companies.

Matt Paul

Matt is a computer science graduate with a passion for using blockchain technology in both web-based and native applications.

Rowan Savage

Rowan is a Javascript developer with a decade of experience, specialising in bringing new products to life and simplifying complex user interfaces.

Mike Delucchi

Mike is a full stack developer with over 20 years industry experience including being a lead application engineer for Nike Digital.

Kieren Hyland

Kieren is a digital strategist and growth hacker with a passion for technology and a wealth of experience in online marketing.

Laura Harris

Laura is a visual communications specialist and creative entrepreneur with over 5 years experience in digital startups.

See where we are headed

See where we are headed


The Valence Roadmap

You shouldn’t need a PhD in Economics and Math just to create blockchain applications. Valence is a Blockchain Application Platform proposed by Encrypt S, contributors to NavCoin Core. Check out the Valence roadmap to see what's being worked on, and what's coming up.

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