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The Valence Foundation



Valence Founder
Craig is the CEO of Encrypt S and an experienced software engineer who's worked on NavCoin since it was founded in 2014.


Valence Founder
Alex is the CTO of Encrypt, he has been involved in blockchain since 2012 and is currently NavCoin's lead protocol engineer.


Craig MacGregor is one of the founders of NavCoin - a globally successful cryptocurrency that was first launched in 2014.

Craig architected and engineered NavCoin's Private Payment system which uses the NavTech sidechain to store and transmit encrypted payment data. NavTech is one of the key innovations which propelled NavCoin onto the world stage.

Alex joined NavCoin as a protocol engineer in 2016 and they started to plan how to overhaul and expand the capabilities of the NavTech sidechain to facilitate additional advanced payment features like escrows and private exchanges.

While planning this, they saw it would require interoperability with other blockchains and resolved to make it a public platform not restricted to NavCoin specific applications.

Through this process, Valence was born.



Create a scalable backbone for the global open-data economy.

Make the benefits of blockchain technology accessible and relevant to all developers and businesses.

Enable personal privacy to exist in tandem with corporate responsibility.

Combine advanced technology with seamless simplicity.


Valence is a new approach to developing blockchain applications.

Valence uses modular blockchains and reusable components to make it simple to build innovative business applications that leverage blockchain.

The Valence Platform is made up of four primary layers.

Data - the distributed public ledgers including the main blockchain and modular application sidechains.

Network - the peer to peer public network on which anyone can earn rewards by participating in securing the distributed ledger or running a Valenode to route encrypted messages and distribute application data.

Components - open source programmable functions baked right into the core software to provide enhanced functionality like conditional data acceptance and record transferral.

Valence Apps - not just contracts on the blockchain, but also a suite of tools to help you integrate Valence with your existing systems and build user facing apps to interact with the application sidechains.

  • Runs on an open source and publicly validated proof of stake blockchain.

  • Scalable through modularity with low energy and processing requirements.

  • Configure an application’s public blockchain with just a few simple steps.

  • Library of reusable components and development tools for applications.

  • Quickly and easily to build ontop of and integrate with existing systems.


  • Valence

    Specialist blockchain designed to manage data that can trigger autonomous events across any compatible blockchain or service.

  • NavCoin

    Focused on providing fast, cheap and eco-friendly payments, NavCoin is the perfect settlement layer for Valence Applications.


    An open-source, multi-platform blockchain interface compatible with multiple blockchains including NavCoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Valence.

We don’t believe that there will be one blockchain to rule them all. A blockchain that tries to do everything unfortunately ends up doing nothing well. Instead we envisage an ecosystem of interoperable blockchains which provide specialised infrastructure and functions.

NavCoin remains focused on being the best payment platform on the planet, and Valence is being built to facilitate the next generation of blockchain driven applications and websites.

Our major area of interest in Valence is in creating advanced payment protocols like multi-step private payments which utilise NavCoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

The Kauri Companion app with it's multi-blockchain capabilities is what will unlock these advanced Valence powered payments for NavCoin and other supported cryptocurrencies.

Each software is stand alone and interoperable with other blockchains and services, but when combined they provide the greatest utility and really put Valence to work.



We'll be kicking off the alpha build of the Valence Platform over the next few months. If you're interested to see what we're up to or how you can get involved in this innovative open-source project, check out the roadmap below and then join the discussion.

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