Project Roadmap


Valence is a new approach to developing blockchain applications. Valence uses modular blockchains and reusable components to make it simple to build innovative business applications that leverage blockchain and cryptographic technologies.

It's a specialist blockchain designed to manage data that can trigger autonomous events across any compatible blockchain or service.  Our major area of interest in Valence is in creating advanced payment protocols like multi-step private payments which utilise NavCoin and other cryptocurrencies made seamless by our Kauri Companion application. 


Upcoming Projects

  • Manifesto Documents

    As an open source protocol it is important to define the core values which we want to uphold across the network.

  • Development Plan & Contribution Guidelines

    Establishing a clear development plan and contribution guidelines to ensure seamless cooperation across all active contributors.

  • Alpha Build Kickoff

    Engaging development communities, businesses and application users to build awareness, find contributors and gather feedback.

  • Proof of Stake Implementation

    Defining and implementing a Proof of Stake method which can provide the scalability and decentralised blockchain architecture required of the platform.

  • Jumpstarter

    A consensus driven decentralised fund intended to sponsor Vapp development.

  • Encrypted Communication Protocol

    Selecting, implementing and testing the best scalable solution for the peer to peer encrypted messaging protocol.

  • Valenodes

    Forming the backbone of the network, Valence Masternodes ensure reliable, fast, and scalable infrastructure to route private application data and seed selective blockchains.

  • Selective Blockchains

    Storing and distributing only the blockchain data relevant to the applications the user chooses in a way that is scalable, secure and verifiable.

  • Alpha Testing

    Once the major components are built we will spend time working with the corporate contributors to stress test their Vapps and refine the protocol implementation.

  • App Store & Console

    The decentralised and autonomous registration of Valence applications will take place on the blockchain and be accessible through the Valence App Store.

  • Beta Testing

    Once the alpha testing is complete and the majority of the user interfaces and tools are built, we will run a public beta to stress test the platform and onboard Vapp developers.

  • Community Outreach

    Engaging development communities, businesses and application users to build awareness, find contributors and gather feedback.

  • Public Distribution

    Once the platform is fully functional and autonomous we will run a public distribution event where airdropped VALE can be collected.

  • Mainnet Launch

    The mainnet will launch immediately after the end of the public distribution at which point anyone can mine the blockchain, setup valenodes and launch or use Vapps.

In Progress

  • Architecture Investigation @ 15%

    Before the alpha build kicks off in earnest we are researching and testing various architectures so we can make some key decisions early on.

  • Core Team Building 30%

    We are scouting blockchain engineers to join us in building the initial protocol reference implementation.

  • Corporate Contributors @ 50%

    We are seeking businesses who want to be open-source contributors to the Valence protocol and build Alpha Vapps along side us.

  • Strategic Plan @ 80%

    We are working on a document which outlines our motivations to build the Valence Platform and our strategy to bring it to life.

  • Alpha Compliance Guidance @ 85%

    We are receiving guidance around regulatory compliance and the legal responsibilities involved in commencing the alpha build of the Valence platform.

  • Token Distribution Plan @ 90%

    We plan to airdrop the majority of VALE tokens through various mechanisms which will be announced soon.


  • Brand Development

    Working with world class designers to create a strong visual brand for the Valence Blockchain Application Platform, and its interfaces.

  • Technical Whitepaper

    The result of the research and development efforts describing the technical aspects of the main components of the Valence Blockchain Application Platform.

  • Resource Planning

    Planning the expansion of the core team to have the resources necessary to complete the roadmapped projects.

  • Draft Whitepaper

    Collating the findings of the Technical Research into a document which will be the basis of the Technical Whitepaper and Strategic Plan.

  • Technical Research

    Investigating how best design and implement blockchain to allow for other applications to be built on top of it.

  • Market Research

    Analysing the current landscape of blockchain application platforms and defining the problems experienced by businesses, developers and users with the intention of solving these issues.

Talk to Us

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